Charming Harbin

Harbin launches 20 boutique travel routes and top 10 night tours
2024/03/11 Source : Harbin,China

To better serve those joining the 2023 Harbin Marathon and the 36th China Harbin Summer Music Concert, Harbin has designed 20 summer boutique travel routes, 10 popular photo spots, and 10 top spots for night tours.

The boutique travel routes are based on four core themes: "Continuing the revolutionary spirit · Party-themed study tours," "Ecological summer retreat ·Oxygen-rich day tours," "Weekend countryside leisure day tours," and "Fashionable leisure vacation tours."

The top 10 photo spots and night tours include St. Sophia Church, Harbin Central Avenue, China Baroque Historical and Cultural Street, the Sun Island Scenic Area, and Harbin Polarland, where culture and ecology blend into picturesque spots.

These lists also include trendy leisure destinations such as Yabuli Ski Resort, Volga Manor, the Harbin Wanda Theme Park, and Fengye Hot Spring Town.

Meanwhile, focusing on Harbin’s museums, the city has launched a one-day cultural and historical tour, showcasing the charm of the museums from various angles.

Editor: Lu Bingwu