Charming Harbin

What's your idea of the mascot for the 9th Harbin Asian Winter Games? The Asian Winter Games theme collection and large-scale joint interviews with media convergence have started!
2024/03/11 Source : Bingcheng+Client

The 9th Asian Winter Games will be held in February 2025 under the theme of "Meeting in Harbin, Dreaming of the Asian Winter Games". Does it remind you of your stories with Harbin? What mascot, emblem and slogan would be the best for this sports event?

To Harbin, the Asian Winter Games is a major international event and an excellent opportunity to promote high-quality economic and social development, improve people's well-being, and enhance the city's popularity. The Games has called for an emblem, mascot, and slogan globally, which has embodied the great attention to the Games from friends throughout the world. This activity will promote the charm of ice and snow sports and the ice city to the online community and attract more friends to feel the heat of the grand event. From now on, Harbin Daily, together with several mainstream media across the country, will carry out large-scale joint interviews with media convergence under the theme of "Mascot in My Mind". Reporters from 11 cities will interview local citizens and tourists to discover their stories about the Asian Winter Games, impressions of Harbin, and ideas for the mascot. The videos of those interviews will be released on the official TikTok accounts of media outlets. Additionally, the activity will invite 100 children to the Ice City. They will draw their version of the mascot on a hand-painted scroll, which will be later donated to the Executive Committee of the Games as a gift.

The interviews will be conducted on October 7-19, 2023, with the host city of Harbin as the first stop. Mainstream media from 11 cities, including Dalian, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Nanjing and Jinan, will release interviews and live videos in succession.

Harbin is the city of ice and snow with unique customs and the hometown for champions. When the city meets with the highly anticipated sports event, how many amazing creative designs can be inspired and how many moving stories of the Asian Winter Games can be created? Please pay attention to and participate in the "Mascot in My Mind" interview activity.

Editor: Li Bing