Charming Harbin

Tourists arrive through direct Harbin-Hong Kong flight
2024/06/04 Source : Harbin,China

The first group of visitors arrive in Harbin on June 2 via the Harbin-Hong Kong direct flight. [Photo/Ice City Plus]

At 6:36 pm on June 2, flight CZ6048 from Hong Kong smoothly landed in Harbin, capital of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, welcoming over 90 Hong Kong travelers to the city.

This marks the resumption of the direct passenger airline route from Harbin to Hong Kong after a decade-long hiatus.

The visitors from Hong Kong will enjoy an eight-day vacation in Northeast China.

During their stay, they are set to visit iconic Harbin attractions such as Sun Island Park, the Polarland, Harbin Central Avenue, and the Flood Control Memorial Tower. They will also savor local delicacies like freshly brewed kvass, guobaorou (sweet and sour pork), and Russian-style cuisine.

The Hong Kong tour leader, Chen Guoran, said he has led tours to Harbin many times before.

Previously, traveling from Hong Kong to Harbin required a layover and a whole day of tiresome travel. Therefore, when the direct flight tour was announced, the response was overwhelming.

In less than two weeks, all tour group spots for Harbin were filled. This has been the most popular tour since the beginning of this year, with many interested individuals unable to secure a spot.

Editor: Lu Bingwu