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Beyond Your Dreams Connotation of Harbin 2025 Sports Pictograms
2024/04/15 Source : Harbin 2025 9th Asian Winter Games official accoun

The design of the Sports Pictograms of the 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025 takes its cue from and follows the style of “Breakthrough”, the Emblem of Harbin 2025. The Sports Pictograms’ dynamic expression of different sports aligns with the design concept of the Emblem, capturing the essence of athletes’ unwavering perseverance and their pursuit of consistent breakthrough.

The complete Sports Pictograms are composed of 16 Sport or Discipline-specific pictograms of Harbin 2025. With a sense of speed, the Sports Pictograms gives a visual expression of vitality, strength, elegance, and passion of the sports. By presenting different sports of Harbin 2025 through vivid and accurate sports images, this expression breaks through the limitation of language description, and helps promote the Games in a wider range.

As an essential component of the look and image system of Harbin 2025, these impressive Sports Pictograms will be widely used in the Games-relating fields, including the signs and decorations within and outside the Games venues, traffic and way-finding signs, Games participation guide for athletes, and Games spectating guide for spectators.

In addition, the inventions that combine Sports Pictograms and Mascots have been accomplished. By introducing different Sports of Harbin 2025 to the public in such a vivid way through the Games Mascots “Binbin” and “Nini”, great achievements have been made in demonstrating cultural confidence, stimulating cultural vitality, helping Games promotion by the media, and facilitating the development of the Games official merchandise.

Editor: Lu Bingwu