Charming Harbin

A Timely Snow Connotation of Harbin 2025 Core Graphics
2024/04/15 Source : Harbin 2025 9th Asian Winter Games official accoun

Ice and snow not only play the role as a business card of Harbin, but also the pillar of its development.

The Core Graphics of the 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025, named “A Timely Snow”, comes from an old Chinese saying: “A timely snow promises a good harvest”. Such a design is inspired by the profound ice and snow culture of Harbin and the city’s tradition of diversity and inclusiveness.

Taking the winding and beautiful shape of Songhua River as its prototype, the Core Graphics finally presents a dynamic stave transformed from the flowing river, symbolising the unique charm of Harbin as a “City of Ice and Snow”, and a “City of Music”.

The Core Graphics is adorned with urban elements such as the Harbin Grand Theatre, snowflakes, and ice crystals. Its flowing curves and abstract visual language  a panoramic view of the romantic characteristics and vibrant development momentum of Harbin, which is renowned as a “City of Ice and Snow”, a “City of Music”, and a “City of Olympic Champions”.

The Core Graphics “A Timely Snow”, as a bridge that connects the Games Emblem, Mascots, Sports Pictograms, and Slogan, is an important component of the Harbin 2025 Look and Image System.

The Core Graphics will be used for design-related work in various fields of the Games, including the decoration within and outside the Games venues, the look & image of the city, and concerned cultural events.

Editor: Lu Bingwu