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Beyond Your Dreams Connotation of Harbin 2025 Sports Pictograms
2024/04/15 Source : Harbin 2025 9th Asian Winter Games official accoun

The Colour System of the 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025 includes four theme colours - “Crystal Blue”, “Lilac Purple”, “Range Green”, and “Harvest Yellow”.

The colourful and vivid hues of the system embody the diversified urban allure, profound historical culture and rich resources of Harbin, along with the city's feature of distinctive four seasons, the charm of ice and snow, and the potential of a promising future.

Taking inspiration from the ice formations of the Songhua River that flows through Harbin, the “Crystal Blue” palette embodies the unique charm inherent in a city of ice and snow.

The texture of the colour, which is crystal clear, displays the special glamour of Harbin as a city featuring ice and snow in northern China. It is also in line with the concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, so are ice and snow”.

“Lilac Purple” palette is inspired by the colour of lilac, the city flower of Harbin.

The colour of lilacs showcases the hospitality of Harbin citizens and the innovation of the city, and the carnival atmosphere of the 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025.

“Range Green” palette is inspired by the colour of vast and luxuriant forests in the Greater Khingan Mountains and Lesser Khingan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province. It implies the bright future of Harbin for its high-quality and sustainable development under the guidance of “revitalisation of northeast China”.

“Harvest Yellow” palette, which means a bumper harvest, is inspired by the harvest season of Heilongjiang Province, reflecting the golden time of rice ripening. The colour symbolises the rich agricultural resources in Harbin, thus, highlighting our determination of ensuring food supply for the Chinese people from a stronger position, and striving to make Harbin a “City of Modern Agriculture”.

The “Romantic Dreams” Colour System will be mainly used for designing the Games Sports Pictograms, creating the Games atmosphere in the city, decorating the Games venues, and developing the Games official merchandise.

Editor: Lu Bingwu