Charming Harbin

Colour system, core graphics, sports pictograms unveiled for 9th Asian Winter Games
2024/04/14 Source : Olympic Council Of Asia

© Xinhua

Harbin, China, April 13, 2024: With 300 days to go until the opening of the 9th Asian Winter Games in Harbin, the colour system, core graphics and sports pictograms for the Games were released on Saturday, April 13.

The colour system, "Romantic Dreams", comprises four theme colours: crystal blue, lilac purple, range green and harvest yellow, Xinhua News reports.

Taking inspiration from the ice formations of the Songhua River that flows through Harbin, Crystal Blue embodies the unique charm inherent in a city of ice and snow.

Lilac Purple is inspired by the city flower of Harbin. The colour of lilacs showcases the hospitality of Harbin people and the innovation of the city, and the carnival atmosphere of the Games.

Range Green is inspired by the vast and luxuriant forests in the Greater Khingan Mountains and Lesser Khingan Mountains in Heilongjiang.

Harvest Yellow, which means a bumper harvest, is inspired by the harvest season of Heilongjiang, reflecting the golden time of rice ripening.

Named "A Timely Snow," the core graphics take the winding and beautiful shape of the Songhua River as its prototype, and is adorned with urban elements such as the Harbin Grand Theater, snowflakes and ice crystals.

The design of the 16 sports pictograms takes its cue from and follows the style of "Breakthrough", the emblem of Harbin 2025. The sports pictograms' dynamic expression of different sports aligns with the design concept of the emblem, capturing the essence of athletes' unwavering perseverance and their pursuit of consistent breakthrough.

The 9th Asian Winter Games will take place from February 7-14, 2025, featuring six sports, 11 disciplines and 64 events.

Editor: Yi Hongfei