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China · Harbin "the Belt and Road" International Children's Art Festival & Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Opens
2024/04/10 Source : harbin.gov.cn

On March 30, China · Harbin "the Belt and Road" International Children's Art Festival &Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition with the theme of "Ice Creates Childlike Innocence · Snow Paints the Future" was held in Yu Shun Art Museum, organized by Harbin Women's Federation, Heilongjiang Province Chinese Culture Development Foundation, and supported by Harbin Children's and Youth Activity Center and Harbin People's Friendship Service Center.

It is introduced that with the opportunity for "Erbin" ice and snow tourism to “become a household name”, the organizers have carefully designed this painting and calligraphy exhibition, in order to showcase the image of Harbin as a world-renowned ice and snow cultural tourism city, build an international children's ice and snow cultural exchange platform, and attract more children to love ice and snow painting and calligraphy art and feel the charm of ice city art. A total of 201 works are presented at this exhibition, all of which have been carefully selected from 2348 painting and calligraphy works created by children from countries such as Russia and Mongolia, as well as multiple cities within and outside the province. The children have depicted the beautiful scenery of ice and snow as well as a colorful picture of "child friendliness, making the city better" with their childlike innocence and skillful hands, based on the theme of the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025, ice and snow scenery and so on.

"Children are painting the ice, snow, and a colorful future on their painting and calligraphy works exhibited this time with their imaginative brushes, so that we can enjoy the integration of childlike innocence and art again." Gao Huimin, consultant of the Heilongjiang Provincial Artists Association, states that he hopes children can maintain their childlike innocence and vitality, and stimulate their enthusiasm for discovering, feeling, and expressing beauty with their creativity.

The reporter notices that there were also calligraphy works in various fonts presented at this exhibition. Calligraphy works are either vigorous and forceful, or elegant and graceful, each stroke containing children's love for traditional Chinese poetry and calligraphy art. "The name of my calligraphy work is 'Tune: Spring in a Pleasure Garden', because my hometown Harbin welcomes visitors all around the world with the ice and snow as the city’s name card. When I created this work, I poured my emotions into my heart and condensed it into my brush, with full of love for my country, hometown, and ice and snow." Standing in front of his exhibition work, Jin Shuhan, a student majoring in calligraphy from Harbin Children's and Youth Activity Center and Class 2, Grade 4 of Harbin Garden Primary School, said affectionately, "The 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025 will be held in my hometown. As primary school students, we hope to send a sincere invitation to the world in our own way - Welcome to Harbin! "

It is reported that this painting and calligraphy exhibition will be held at the Yu Shun Art Museum until mid April, and will be continued at the Harbin Children's and Youth Activity Center and some primary and secondary schools in Harbin.

Editor: Lu Bingwu