Charming Harbin

Emblem Design
2024/03/22 Source : Harbin,China

The emblem of the 9th Asian Winter Games in 2025 - Breakthrough - was also created by the team of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, expressing the beautiful pursuit of accelerating the construction of China’s sports power in the new era, making unremitting efforts to challenge the goal of higher, faster and stronger, and making new contributions to Asian ice and snow sports.

The design integrates elements such as the sprinting posture of speed skaters, the lilac flower of Harbin city and the logo of the Olympic Council of Asia, well combining Chinese culture with Olympic elements.

The short track speed skater’s agile and elegant embody the sportmanship of the athletes across Asia and is also the proud manifestation of the host city Harbin as a “City of Olympic Champions”.

The blooming lilac symbolizes Harbin’s city culture of warmheartedness while the swirling ribbon adds a joyous visual impression of the emblem.

The OCA symbol in the upper left represents the long-standing aspiration of Asian countries to pursue progress and peace.

With gradients of blue and purple, the emblem simulates the light and shadow refracted when sunlight hits the ice, depicting the charming of winter sports.

The overall line structure of the emblem can be seen as a variant of the Chinese character “jiu”, which means nine, signifying the the 9th Asian Winter Games.

The external contour lines form a cursive Chinese character “he”, which means harmony, conveying the Chinese people’s deep longing for solidarity common progress and a happy convergence with Asian friends.

Editor: Lu Bingwu