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New highlights set to shine at Harbin Ice and Snow World
2024/03/11 Source : Harbin,China

In anticipation of the 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World festival that will open in December, construction is in full swing for the amusement park and ice and snow show field, part of the venue's year-round ice and snow project.

The two-story amusement park covers around 15,000 square meters. Key structures like a merry-go-round and climbing nets have been installed, with pirate ships, ice bumper cars, and other facilities now underway.

The food and beverage pavilion that is now being decorated will be operational this winter. The common has been fully decorated, while construction work continued on the center stage, which has a 12-meter diameter suitable for various performances.

The ice and snow show field is also undergoing interior decoration and will be able to accommodate nearly 2,000 spectators upon completion.

The amusement park, food and beverage pavilion, as well as the ice and snow show field will open with the launch of the 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World.

The area of this edition of the winter festival is expected to reach 810,000 square meters, including a 600,000-square-meter iced area, making it the largest in history.

Moreover, significant upgrades in construction and service will be demonstrated at the 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World. The popular giant slide is set to expand from eight channels to 14, and a full upgrade is planned for the Ferris wheel queue reservation system.

Editor: Lu Bingwu