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Curtain falls on First National Symphony Orchestra Works Exhibition
2024/03/11 Source : Harbin,China

A performance is staged at the "Our World" concert on Aug 19. [Photo/Harbin news network]

The "Our World" concert was performed at the Harbin Grand Theatre by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra on the evening of Aug 19.

As one of the performances featured in the First National Symphony Orchestra Works Exhibition of the 36th China Harbin Summer Music Festival, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra presented three original compositions, offering a feast for the ears and eyes.

With this performance, the first National Symphony Orchestra Works Exhibition, which lasted for 12 days and featured 13 shows from 16 symphony orchestras, drew to a successful conclusion.

The concert opened with "Ancestors," a composition by the post-80s composer Yang Fan.

In an interview, Yang Fan stated, "Although the content of our compositions may differ, on a broader level, the emotional foundation is the same."

"Our children, parents, and families are all integral parts of this world. We use the emotional texture of young people to portray and imagine the present and future world we live in," Yang added.

Editor: Lu Bingwu