Charming Harbin

China·Harbin International Beer Festival to blend music, beer, and culture this June
2024/06/03 Source : Harbin,China

In a harmonious fusion of beer and music, the 22nd China·Harbin International Beer Festival will kick off in June at the Harbin Ice and Snow World.

This year's festival promises no shortage of excitement, with a beer grand pavilion, beer gardens, and a unique gourmet street that blends food innovation with intangible cultural heritage.

The event will also boast a large-scale eco-camping area, a comic exhibition zone, and an outdoor entertainment district, creating a holiday destination that seamlessly integrates beer, cuisine, music, accommodation, comics, and leisure.

The festival will also include a colossal electronic dance music stage, aiming to revive a fervor for massive dance parties. Expect a series of electronic music festivals, concerts, renowned DJs, and talented vocalists to set the stage ablaze.

Additionally, there will be beer enthusiast contests, intercity challenges, and a series of other engaging activities, such as a comic exhibition zone which will showcase the many diverse anime trends and IPs.

During the event, the Harbin Ice and Snow World will also dazzle spectators with a spectacular fireworks display, drone shows, and more.

Editor: Lu Bingwu